Most Common Questions or Error's

I have notice in  Windows ME




These pages are not professional in anyway, I have found trying to be professional with most home PC users doesn't work.

Following the advice on the following pages you take at your own risk !

The  articles on the following pages have been made by copying from other sites, and information from companies I never worked for!

Several of the Windows 98 errors and fixes will work in Windows ME

Please check the Windows 98 page if you can not find the error here. Also do not forget the Microsoft Knowledge Base link below.


Real DOS-Mode Patch  Instruction for installation  This will give you the DOS option in the start menu under F8

How to Start the System Restore Tool From a Command Prompt

Error :"Windows Cannot Defragment This Drive now Because It Has Been Locked by a Disk Utility"

Cd player will not auto run

How do I improve system resources


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  Tech Net   Tweaking windows
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