Most common questions or error's

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(There is no way for one person to have all the errors and how to's  on an operating system, there are several links on the bottom of this page that should take you to sites that have more information)

The following articles have been made by copying from other sites, and information from companies I never worked for!

You have to remember that Windows is a Microsoft product, they are the most familiar with their products!

The answers are out there on line, you have the world at your finger tips with the internet, if all else fails SEARCH

XP Errors

Most common "error questions" I am asked

How to in XP

Most common "How do I do this on my computer ?" questions I am asked

XP Tools

Win sock Fix for XP, Virtual Machine, IE 6.0, Windows XP Power Toys, MS Memory Diagnostic Test

Q: Do you know of a Windows XP Easter-Egg?
A: Nope. There shouldn't be any. The US government will not buy software with "undocumented features", and thus Easter-Eggs were banned!

Q: What is an Easter-Egg?
A: A secret message or screen buried in an application. (For more info click the egg)

Q: Where can I find Scan Disk?
A: Scan Disk isn't available in Windows XP. In XP there's Check Disk, which can be run from the command line (chkdsk), or by right clicking a drive in Windows Explorer and choosing Properties > Tools > Error-checking.

Q: How do I change the Start button?
A: Without seriously hacking some files, or using 3rd party software you can't.

Q: Does Windows XP still have the system resource bottleneck found in previous versions of Windows?
A: No. Windows NT/2000 never had this problem to begin with, and since XP is based on Windows 2000 (that's why Windows 2000 is Windows 5.0 and XP is Windows 5.1) it doesn't have this problem.

Q: Can I use different screen resolutions for different users?
A: No you can't. Not without 3rd party tools or drivers. The screen resolution is a "per-machine" setting in the Windows XP registry.



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