These pages are not professional in anyway, I have found trying to be professional with most home PC users doesn't work.

Following the advice on the following pages you take at your own risk !

The  articles on the following pages have been made by copying from other sites, and information from companies I never worked for!

Preventive Maintenance of a PC 

This is an article with hints and tips for the Home PC user. Things you should be aware of !

Windows 98/ME FAQ's and Links

Some of my tips, info and fixes on Windows 98



Outlook Express, Internet Explorer & Word

Tips, info and fixes relating to known issues

Windows XP and XP links

Some tips, info and fixes on Windows XP



What are Trojans, Worms, Virus', 

Spyware and Browser Hijackers?

An explanation with links to sites with programs to help you remove the problem!

Understanding Hardware

An explanation of Video cards, Sounds Cards, BIOS, RAM, Expansion Slots, Floppy and Cd-rom Drives, How to open cases, How to Trouble Shoot!



Bluetooth (wireless)

The how to's and basics of the wireless appliance !

BIOS Passwords

How to by pass the passwords!



The Windows Registry

Basic Registry Information


Tweak's Boot Disks 

Most every boot disk in an easy to understand format !



I Always Wanted to Know

Who Owns the internet? What does WWW mean? (and other wanted to know computer trivia)

Screen Cleaner  

The best Screen cleaner on the internet!



What are Eastereggs?

Hidden tricks in programs!

Tech Humor 

LMAO  If you need a laugh these are good !


Bud Light Presents Mp3's

Bud Light Present's commercials!



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Our Photo Gallery 

Pictures we have taken in the area we live !