A handy fix that has worked countless times for countless MS Word issues. 



1. Uninstall MS Word.

2. Delete normal.dot

3. Go into the Registry

 - (Start, Run, regedit)

4. Export a Registry File (just in case they delete something they shouldn't)

 - click on Registry in the top left corner of the Registry editor screen.

 - then click on Export Registry File

 - in the File Name box type in a file name

   (The file name doesn't matter, I personally give it the date.  EX. Mar 8 )

 - then click on Save

**If they DO actually delete something the shouldn't and you want to restore back to the registry that you had saved, simply go back into regedit, select Import Registry File, and select the file you created.

5. Hit the + next to HKEY_CURRENT_USER

6. Then the + next to Software

7. Then the + next to Microsoft

8. Then the + next to Office

9. Under the Office folder there may be a Word folder, if so, click on it and delete it.

 - (You can delete registry keys by either selecting them & hitting the Delete key on the keyboard or you can right click on the key and select delete)

10. Also under the Office folder there will be folders 8.0, 9.0, and\or 10.0 depending on what versions of Office programs they have on the system. 

Hit the + next to each of the folders & look for a Word folder. 

Delete every one you find.

11. Reboot

12. Reinstall Word


And this will hopefully resolve your MS Word Issue.