Problems finding in Windows XP


If you cannot find the file in Windows XP you will need to browse to this path on the clients hard drive to find it.


C:\Documents And Settings\wxyz\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates


Note: the variable wxyz is the name of the user profile that the client is logged into in the Windows XP operating System.


For some reason this file will not show up in the Windows XP Search utility even when the Show Hidden Files And Folders option is selected.


However you will still need to remove the check from Hide Extensions For Known File Types to be able to rename it.


For those of you that do not know what the file is, it is the Document Template for Microsoft Word.

If the file gets corrupted the client may have all kind of issues using or opening Word.


Usually renaming or deleting this file should be one of the first troubleshooting steps in resolving problems with Word.