Bud Light's Tribute

to the Company Computer Guy



Tech Phone calls

 I don't know what I am doing!


 The Machine that sits between the typewriter and Monitor!  Give me a call!


 Heavy Breather!


 The Devil!


 This is NOT the complaint Department!


 Excuse Me??  S.O.S . APPLE !  I have my pointer in the middle of the screen!
 Bill Gates Head of Apple  Woman requesting Software to access FBI data base!  

 Your F***ing lying to me!


 The Last 2 yrs of my F***ing life is Gone!  He Sawed off the back of the computer!!                Go to Hell!!


 He Never said one F***ing word!


 A  Paper Clip is part of the computer??


 Tech Support Hold Music


 You people suck!!


 She wants the S.O.B dead!!!


 Button bar button bar .....things on it


 I threw away the disks because I didn't need them anymore!!


 Your Program shuts off my account every month!!


 No Sir, you may not talk to the supervisor!


 We can escalate this!


 The Healing Printer!


 Your calling our internet CRAP??


 I'm  gonna like... Looooooose my mind!


 Eating donuts all day??


 Yea baby!!


 You Mean, There's More Then One Kind of Computer ????



 Wants a new mouse


 Earthlink Technical Support


 Quake Game Tech Support


 Complaining about the content of a Game


 Rhonda call Jim!


Tomb Raider Tech Support


There is only one Page


Disconnect me from the Internet


Can I have your email address


I'm the Customer


I can't get this cotton picking thing to work!


Your Mom is a whore you S.O.B. (Part one) Your Mom is a whore you S.O.B. (Part two)  







You got to love this guy when he is dealing with his computer, Computer Lobby 2 and helping someone trouble shoot (oh oh) .......he can make ya laugh!

 This Fricking kernel 32 dll ..can I just remove that sucker?


 It's not a threat! It's a F***ing god damn promise!


 My sound card is a worthless pile of crap!


 Can you log on as the administrator?


 Is Auto here ??


 I'm recording everything you do!


 You don't know your administrative password...your screwed!!


 Your on ignore!!


 I'm going to meet Bill Gates!


 Your dead Mother F***er!  I'm being ignored now ..huh!  



 Prank Calls

 Lisa Needs Tech support


 Japanese VCR


 Vibrator Recall


 Mexican Computer repair Guy


 Car Repair


 Calling Iraq Burger King


 Arnold Schwarzenegger Pranks Calls Gateway





Three Dead Trolls In a Baggie

 Every OS sucks


 Behind the Scenes at Microsoft


 Welcome to the Internet Help Desk


 Keep Your Parents Off The Internet


Visit deadtroll.com


Odd's and End's

  Trapped on the Internet


Dave's Top Ten sign's .. your spouse may be having an affair on the Computer


 First Redneck On The Internet  

A Date?


 My Internet Girl  

Video Clip's

Could  this be your ISP Tech Support at work ?


Video of a man having a Bad day with his computer


Tech Support in Action


AMD Commercial


IMAC review




TechTV blooper


Your local Electronics' Repair Shop at work?


Steve Ballmer CEO, This man loves his job


Bill Gates... Welcome to Belgium


Gates Doom


Gates and the windows 98 BSOD


New Mouse



Geek Speak (has emerged from the world of hardware and software)

Kozee's Korner

Preventive Maintenance of a PC BIOS Passwords
What are Trojans, Worms, Virus',  Spyware and Browser Hijackers? What are Eastereggs?
Windows 98 FAQ's and Links Tweak's Boot Disks 
Windows XP and XP links Understanding Hardware
Bluetooth (wireless) Bud Light Presents Mp3's
I Always Wanted to Know  
The Windows Registry  
Outlook Express, Internet Explorer & Word