Understanding RAM

The  articles on the following pages have been made by copying from other sites, and information from companies I have to state I never worked for!


RAM Basics

RAM Types

Before Upgrading


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Web sites for reference Computer Vendor Sites:

Gateway: An excellent support section on finding the right RAM and installing it properly

Dell: A support page which answers general questions about RAM upgrades. Also provides instructions on how to find the appropriate RAM for the particular system.

Compaq: Allows you to choose the memory for desktops or laptops, according to system model.

E-machines: Basic info on what kind of RAM the e-machine will accept.

Macintosh: Provides RAM info specific to different models iMac Flat Panel | G3 Desktops | G4 Desktops

Online RAM vendors/resellers

Kingston RAM (vendor): The main page allows you to search for motherboards and brand name computer systems, after which you will be provided with the appropriate RAM for that system.

Crucial RAM (vendor): This vendor's main page has a search engine in which you can choose a system, and receive info regarding the appropriate RAM.

Memorytogo.com (online memory reseller): Non-vendor specific. Includes the same kind of search capabilities as the sites above.