To connect a Compaq iPAQ to a system



1.)   Open the Bluetooth Radio pop-up menu located on the bottom right hand corner of the main window, also known as the Today screen.

·        Once you have opened this menu, you can perform the following functions:

a.      Turn the radio on or off

b.      Open the Bluetooth Manager

c.      Start ActiveSync

d.      Display connection status

e.      View Bluetooth version information

2.)   Turn the Bluetooth radio “ON”

3.)   From the start menu, tap Bluetooth Manager

4.)   Establish a connection with another device.   When you open the Bluetooth Manager, it will prompt you to search for devices, if you have not saved any devices.   To search for devices, tap “YES”.   To display the Bluetooth Manager main window without searching, tap “NO”.

5.)   Tap “YES” on the Bluetooth Manager box.

6.)    Changing the device search criteria.   From the start menu, tap Bluetooth Manager, tap “Search”, and tap “Filter”.   From this menu you have the ability to “Search for All Devices”, or select specific devices to locate.   You can also determine how long you want the search to last.    Once you have completed your search, tap “OK” to return to Bluetooth Manager”.