Procedure for Installation of Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse



The following is a discussion of how to install a Microsoft Keyboard & Mouse on an IBM ThinkPad running the IBM Bluetooth software.


1.      First check your operating system to verify the version of Bluetooth software that is currently installed.  To do this, right click the Bluetooth icon on the taskbar, and select “Setup”, and “Configuration”.



2.      From the configuration menu, select the tab “Version Info”.




3.      Verify that the file, “widcommsdk.dll”, is installed.

4.      If it is installed, proceed to the Microsoft Control Panel, and select “Add and Remove Programs”.   Select “IBM Bluetooth Software version GR20”.



5.      Run the program to remove the software, and restart the system.

6.      Once the system has restarted. Load the Microsoft Bluetooth software that came with the MS keyboard & mouse.   This program will load the Microsoft Stack on the system.

7.      Follow the configuration information that comes with the MS keyboard & mouse for further installation instructions.