A passkey is a code that is entered to authenticate connections requested by other devices.   The passkey must be known and used by both users or you will not be able to connect.   The following will assist you in understanding the concept of passkeys.



IF: Both devices successfully enter the known passkey.

THEN: A bond is created between the devices.   You do not have to enter the passkey again to exchange information.


IF: You want to require a passkey exchange each time you transmit information.

THEN: you have to remove the “BOND” prior to establishing a connection.


IF: You change your passkey.

THEN: You must remove the bond with the other device to activate the new passkey.


To set up a passkey:


1.)   From Start menu, tap Bluetooth Manager.

2.)   Tap Tools.

3.)   Tap Settings for All Devices.

4.)   Enter a passkey.

5.)   Tap “OK” to save your changes.