Bluetooth File Transfer


The following is an exercise in transfer a file or information from one laptop to another laptop.   The transfer rate is max. of 1 meg. per second.   To transfer files, follow the steps listed below.


  1. Right click the Bluetooth manager icon on the task bar and select “Explore” to discover available laptops to transfer files to.



  1. Once inside the Bluetooth manager screen, select “Entire Bluetooth Neighborhood”, right click in the right window pane and select “Refresh”.   This will perform a new scan of available devices.









  1. Once you have refreshed your screen, select the device you want to transfer your files to.



  1. Next, select the file or files you would like to transfer, highlight them, right click and select “Copy”.



  1. Highlight the system you chose from the Bluetooth neighborhood, and right click the system’s icon and select “Paste”.
  2. The files will be transferred, and become available for that user on his system.