Bluetooth Technology Specifications

Globally Free Spectrum

2.45 GHz, ISM band (Industry, Science Medicine)

Authentication and encryption

Spread Spectrum Frequency hopping 1600hops/sec

79 channels spaced 1 MHZ apart, 1600 hops/sec, 2.402 2.480 Ghz

Omni-directional (no Line of Sight)


GFSK (Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying) , Time Division Duplex (TDD)

binary one is represented by a positive frequency deviation

binary zero by a negative frequency deviation.



Power Class 3: for short range devices (10m),

with a max output power of 0 dBm.

8 devices per piconet (up to 10 piconets)


Data & Voice Capable

Full duplex: 478kbps, Asymmetric: 721kbps

3 simultaneous full duplex voice per piconet

Simultaneous voice/data capable