How to Cause CD Player to Play Audio CDs Automatically

This article was previously published under Q142361


If the Auto Insert Notification option is disabled or unavailable, audio compact discs (CDs) are not played automatically. Instead, you must start CD Player and then click Play. This article describes how to cause audio CDs to be played automatically when you start CD Player.


To cause an audio CD to be played as soon as you start CD Player, follow these steps:

1.                 Right-click the Start button, and then click Explore.

2.                 Double-click the Programs folder, double-click the Accessories folder,

             and then double-click the Multimedia folder.

3.                 Right-click the CD Player icon, and then click Properties.

4.                 On the Shortcut tab, change the entry in the Target box to read:

C:\Windows\Cdplayer.exe /PLAY

5.                   Click OK.