Computer Hangs After Windows Logo Is Displayed at Startup

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When you start Windows, your computer may stop responding (hang) after the Windows logo screen is displayed. However, a Windows 95-based computer may start properly if you press the F8 key (CTRL key for Windows 98) when you see the "Starting Windows" message, choose Step-By-Step Confirmation from the Startup menu, and then press Y at each prompt.


This issue can be caused by either of the following conditions:

*           An antivirus program warning screen may be hidden behind the Windows logo screen. This can occur if Windows is loading an antivirus program from the Autoexec.bat file to automatically check for a virus. The antivirus program detects that the file has changed as a result of the Windows installation and pauses the computer to inform you and wait for your input.

*           The display adapter that is installed in your computer is not properly processing the video-mode switching that occurs when the Windows logo screen is displayed. This video-mode switching does not occur when you choose Step-By-Step Confirmation from the Startup menu, because the Windows logo screen is not displayed.

NOTE: This issue is known to occur with the ATI Graphics Ultra Pro (Mach32) display adapter.


To work around this issue:

1.                   Determine if an antivirus program is running by pressing the ESC key during startup to close the Windows logo screen. If an antivirus program is running, you may be able to control the antivirus program from this screen. If possible, choose the option that makes the antivirus program update any affected files to prevent the pause from occurring when you start Windows in the future. If no anti-virus program is running, continue to the next step.

2.                   Disable the Windows logo screen. To do so, add the following line to the [Options] section of the Msdos.sys file:


For additional information about how to edit the Msdos.sys file, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: 118579 Contents of the Windows Msdos.sys File

IMPORTANT: This method permanently prevents the logo screen from being displayed. Also, if you disable the Windows logo screen and it resolves this issue, contact the manufacturer of your display adapter for additional information about this issue. You may be able to reconfigure the display adapter so that the issue does not occur when the Windows logo screen is displayed.


The following anti-virus programs may cause your computer to stop responding (hang) after the Windows logo screen is displayed:

*           Microsoft Anti-Virus

*           Norton Anti-Virus

*           Central Point Anti-Virus

The information in this article applies to:

*           Microsoft Windows 98

*           Microsoft Windows 95

*           Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition